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Causes and Sources of Mold Growth

Underlying Causes of Mold Mold is everywhere. The issues facing us as home and business owners, is when mold reaches a point that it becomes a risk to health. Mold thrives in moist / warm conditions. Add these conditions to a suitable food source, mold can spread very quickly, often in unseen places. Mold thrives […]

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Suffering from Mold Illness? You may be genetically predisposed.

Found this great article that I think my clients will find important. We have long known that about 25% of us are highly sensitive to mold exposure in even low dosages. There may be help for those who suffer. Cheryl Ciecko writes about: Genetic Testing for Mold Sensitivity- looking for the HLA-Dr Gene. This article […]

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Red Flags and Mold Inspections

When performing Mold and Indoor Air Quality investigations we look for one or more “Red Flags” through our process. We often find several. Often times property owners may see some of the factors but don’t connect the dots that show interrelated factors. We start each investigation by asking a series of questions relative to the general […]

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What is the Value of a Free Mold Inspection?

Today I want to ask an honest question: “What is the value of a free mold inspection?” The truth is quality professional mold inspections are not free. The purveyors of this marketing scam in in East Tennessee and all over the country are essentially offering you something for nothing for the opportunity to come into your house […]

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Don’t Skimp When It Comes to Inspections

WATCH THE VIDEO: We do a lot of commercial building inspections and we do professional witness work as part of our practice. Sometimes, we work for the defendant; sometimes, the plaintiff. I can tell you that, in 90% of the cases that we testify in court to, the landlord could’ve easily avoided litigation and going […]

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