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The Dope Home Nightmare

The “Dope Home” Nightmare A “meth home” is commonly thought to be a building were meth has been manufactured. However, it can be defined more liberally as, a place where meth has been used or where chemicals and wastes have been discarded or stored. All such activity contaminates the buildings and will likely impact the […]

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Red Flags and Mold Inspections

When performing Mold and Indoor Air Quality investigations we look for one or more “Red Flags” through our process. We often find several. Often times property owners may see some of the factors but don’t connect the dots that show interrelated factors. We start each investigation by asking a series of questions relative to the general […]

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One of The Biggest Mistakes You Could Make

WATCH THE VIDEO: I did an inspection yesterday for a young family that was trying to vet a house they were looking at purchasing. They went through the typical steps of having a home inspector come out and do a general home inspection for things like windows and doors and function of appliances and many […]

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I KnowNothing About Dental Surgery

I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT DENTAL SURGERY! My business partner Sean and I inspected a large Dental Surgery Center in Crossville, TN for a client yesterday. We know nothing about Dental Surgery but we know a thing or two about Building Inspections. The inspection project took our two man team 6.5 hours and was very involved. […]

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