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Thermal Imaging in Knoxville

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Volunteer Thermography provides full service infrared thermal imaging services for all types of buildings (residential, commercial and industrial) in East Tennessee. Infrared inspections provide onsite, real time data to determine defects that can negatively impact our clients.

Our clients frequently ask us to help them troubleshoot concerns with:

  • Water infiltrationVolunteer Inspections Knoxville shows side by side the difference between normal signs and that of Infrared thermal imaging.
  • Cold air infiltration
  • Excessive moisture in buildings
  • Stud / joist/ beam and rafter placement in finished buildings
  • Insulation gaps
  • Electrical drops, panels and breakers
  • Heating / cooling and duct leaks
  • Pipe locations

How Thermography Works

Thermal imaging is a graphic representation of temperature variances on an object’s surface area. The thermographer uses the instrument and his or her training to identify anomalous (different) areas to diagnosis exceptions and potential causes.

Infrared does not “see through” objects but rather detects emissions of minute temperature to flag potential problem areas.

Volunteer Mold Knoxville image of air leaks at baseboard from exterior of the home.

Image of air leaks at baseboard from exterior of the home. Infrared thermal imaging can help you save money by controlling energy loss.

Volunteer Inspections, LLC Thermographers are trained to operate and interpret the images and is certified by the Infraspection Institute.

Water Leaks

Source and location of hidden water leaks is easy to isolate with and infrared thermal scan. Note the infrared thermal image is overlaid on the standard visual image. Our reports are easy for everyone to understand.

Energy Loss

This image evidences air infiltration both under the wall bottom plate and the electrical outlet. Energy studies of all buildings help our clients isolate energy loss and save a small fortune over just a few years.

Overheating Electrical Equipment

Radiant Floor Heating

Infrared makes finding breaks and failure in radiant floor heating coils.

Roof Leaks

Look at the side-by-side graphic representation below. Note the normal visual image as captured by a 35mm camera. The client wanted to know if there was a leak below the roofing membrane, and there it is.

roof_leak Therma Gram

In the infrared thermal image to the right, the central area of the leaks was apparent in addition to the volume of standing water on the roof decking below the membrane.

We are proud to provide professional thermal imaging as a service to our clients. I’m sure you will agree that our multi-disciplinary approach inspections and our expertise in building science make us stand out from other inspections companies.

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