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Fiber Optic Inspections in Knoxville

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Volunteer Inspections of Knoxville uses state of the art fiber optic video cameras to do inspections inside walls, ceilings, floors, and heating and cooling ducts to locate toxic mold and bacterial growths in homes, workplaces and commercial buildings throughout East Tennessee.

We can see what no one else can find:

We use high-resolution fiber optic cameras with long cables to travel through areas as small as two inches in diameter. Areas that were previously inaccessible are now visible and captured in brilliant color in both video and still photos for our clients to understand hidden issues.

In addition to stunning photos we have an ultrasound locator beacon that precisely identifies areas of concern wherever the camera head is in the process of filming.

A picture is worth a thousand words:IMG_4263

We have used our fiber optic video scope cameras to help our clients:

  • Identify obstructions in chimneys, sewer lines, heating and air ducts
  • Precisely identify the location of issues using our radio frequency locator, saving our clients thousands of dollars, wasted time and damage to their property
  • Inspect interior conditions and lining of chimneys, walls and hidden floor cavities
  • Ensure that HVAC Systems are properly cleared and cleaned by duct cleaning companies

Volunteer Inspections, LLC provides cost efficient inspections for every property owner to ensure the integrity of buildings, save on costs of repair and protect the health of family, employees and customers.

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