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Mold Testing

Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality, based in Knoxville, TN, provides indoor air quality testing and professional lab analysis for its clients throughout East Tennessee.

Testing is performed in conjunction with a professional inspection of the building and an interview with the client on their concerns.

We often are asked to perform air quality testing after our clients see or smell something unusual in the home or work environment.

The testing protocol for toxic and non-toxic molds is the same.

Process and Protocols:
  • Complete a health questionnaire with the client.
  • Walk through of the building areas with client.
  • Detailed visual inspection with infrared thermal scan.
  • Sampling of air or surfaces as dictated by visual observations.
  • Completion of “chain of custody” to record samples.
  • Transfer of samples and chain of custody to independent laboratory.
  • Evaluation and identification of samples by lab personnel
  • Certified report generated by the lab and sent to Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality.
  • Production of the report provided to the client.

The collection of samples and reporting requires a team of trained and specialized people to provide our client with accurate and actionable information to correct related health and structure risks.

If you have a question, about how we would test your home or office for air quality issues, please call us now at (865) 385-0170!