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Call Now! 865-385-0170

East Tennessees premier Indoor Air Quality Company is now performing lab certified interior environmental air and surface testing for the COVID-19 virus.

As an essential service to the community, Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality of Knoxville, TN is responding to a surge of requests for testing both before and after sanitization efforts have been performed.

Caring for our clients needs at home, work and in schools and day care operations, doctors offices and many other facilities in a confidential manner on demand.

Where COVID 19 Lives:

Beyond being highly contagious we are learning that the COVID Virus may live airborne for up to 30 minutes and on hard surfaces for as long as 72 hours or more. It is reported that the COVID virus may live longer on certain fabrics and items with higher moisture contents.

Touch Points:

Frequently touched surfaces in public spaces present substance risks of viral contagion spread. Door knobs, flooring surfaces, switches, counters faucets and hundreds of other “High Touch” surfaces are settling points for viral pick up.

Interior Sampling Program:

Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality technicians, have specialized skills in understanding where and how to test residential and commercial building surfaces for professional laboratory analysis. Sampling takes only a short time and processing can be completed and reported to the client within a few days.

Pricing and Confidentiality:

Volunteers pricing for basic and extended testing is very reasonable and starts under $ 500.00 to cover a typical home or small business. All collected information is highly confidential and only reported to the client directly.

Knowing the Truth Starts With a Single Phone Call:

Contact Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality specially trained staff to schedule an inspection today. Phone Consultations are always free.