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Red Flags and Mold Inspections

When performing Mold and Indoor Air Quality investigations we look for one or more “Red Flags” through our process. We often find several. Often times property owners may see some of the factors but don’t connect the dots that show interrelated factors. We start each investigation by asking a series of questions relative to the general […]

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All Black Mold Is Toxic… True or False?

Is all Black Mold Toxic?  All black molds are not toxic and neither are all toxic molds black.  Most people hear the words “Black Mold” and assume that it’s a toxic disease-causing killer. Toxic Mold: The words toxic black mold when used in the media is typically referring to a strain of mold called Stachybotryus. […]

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When Do You Stop?

Today I want to answer the question “When do you stop?” A customer of ours recently called us in a historic home that he was remodeling that had a long-term water leak in the bathroom. It turns out the sub-floor was fairly well rutted out and absolutely saturated moisture. This leak had probably gone on […]


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Dr. Sobek says “Mold means misery for many Americans”

Mold Means Misery for Many Americans. by Dr. Ed Sobek on September 2, 2014 The drama associated with these microbes is taxing. Homeowners, property managers, renters, realtors, investors, banks, insurance companies are a handful of stakeholders affected when suspicions are raised that “Mold” is the culprit. I deal with mold on a daily basis. As […]

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