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About Volunteer Mold

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Bob Byrne of Volunteer MoldOur mission is to provide home and business with his value environmental inspections that protect the health of owners and their loved ones. Voted by our clients as Knoxville, TN best Mold and Indoor Air Quality Service.

Volunteer Inspections was founded over 15 years ago by our owner / inspector, Bob Byrne, out of a personal curiosity.  As a home inspector he frequently encountered what he thought was mold and heard many of his clients voice health concerns over odors and visible growths.

As a father of three children, one of whom was frequently ill, Bob was searching for answers as to the cause in his own home. What he learned was life changing, for him and for his son’s health.

Bob began by attending seminars and asking colleagues for the best places to get training and certifications in an effort to respond to the needs of his clients and families. He interviewed doctors and scientists in his search for solutions, often finding more questions than answers.

Shortly after initial training he began testing his own home and those of friends. He learned that in many homes, including his own, there was potentially toxic mold growth and other airborne contaminants indoors. He began to find answers. Coupled with his extensive background in building science he became an expert in issues facing businesses and homeowners in East Tennessee.

Bob noticed that many so called “Mold Professionals” in Knoxville were primarily sales people looking to sell remediation jobs, filters and air cleaning machines. Most of these “experts” didn’t understand the science, construction issues or building practices. What he learned led him to change his business and personal mission. He went to work learning and training to become a full-fledged Residential and Commercial Environmental Inspector and Consultant.

Now, fifteen years later, Volunteer Inspection Services spends thousands of dollars annually in training and equipping their staff with the best technology and tools to help its clients improve the quality of their lives and protect their property investments.


Volunteer Inspections’ Mission

“To quickly, professionally and confidently provide a wide variety of solutions based, high quality environmental inspections.”

Diversity of Disciplines Helps our Clients Best

Volunteer Inspections has evolved with the technology revolution to offer a number of tools and inspection techniques to better serve our clients.

We are fully trained, insured and certified to provide the following:

  1. Mold Inspection / Testing and Remediation Protocols
  2. Indoor Air Quality
  3. Water Testing
  4. Asbestos Inspections and Mitigation Protocols
  5. Lead Paint Inspection and Testing
  6. Infrared Thermal Imaging / Thermography
  7. Fiber Optic Inspections and Location Services
  8. Commercial Building Inspections

Eight essential services for every property owner, business person and family member, by one great local company.

We provide quick, high value inspections, testing, easy to understand reports, analysis and solutions.