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Call Now! 865-385-0170

Reasons our customers choose us.

We frequently ask our clients why they choose Volunteer Inspections to help them with their property inspection.

They tell us that our “holistic approach” to understanding building issues serves them best.

Woman ill from Black Mold Exposure in bed with blanket up to her neck.

Why be miserable when you can just call Volunteer Inspections and get the answers you need now?










We call this “Diversity of Disciplines and Experience”. ¬†Our inspectors have decades of building inspection experience.

As experts in building science we bring a wealth of knowledge to providing inspection services to our clients building concerns.

Volunteer Inspections has evolved with the technology revolution to offer a number of tools and inspection techniques to better serve our clients.
We are fully trained, insured and certified to provide the following:


Eight essential services for every property owner, business person and family member, by one great local company.

Backed by, Americas premier laboratory services, we provide quick, high value inspections, testing, easy to understand reports, analysis and solutions.

Phone consultations, are always free, we look forward to your questions and helping you today.

Bob Byrne - Knoxville Mold Inspector

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