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Are we poisoning ourselves with products?

New Year – Better Health.

Housewife wearing a face mask looking at household chemicals used to clean.

A potpourri of chemicals exist in nearly every home and office in America. How does your home rate?

Perhaps the better question is: Why are we using products in our homes and bodies that have known toxicity?

Recently I have been reading a great deal about common products we find in our homes and the epidemic of immune diseases and chemical sensitivities that many of us suffer from. Is all this really necessary?

Here are my thoughts offered for your review as a starting point: 

  1. Throw away your cheap furnace filters. If you you hold it up to a light and you can see through it it is worthless. Use only high quality pleated filters with good MERV ratings.
  2. Don’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat! Avoid mainstream consumer skin care, cosmetics and personal care products. Use natural organic items and essential oils.
  3. Don’t eat foods made with chemicals you can’t pronounce. Read the ingredients labels. If the list of ingredients is too long and complex to figure out, it’s probably made more with chemicals than actual food.
  4. Don’t use unnecessary over-the-counter drugs or prescriptions. If you do need to use medication for short-term emergency use, be sure to detoxify your liver afterwards.
  5. Drink more water. Most people simply don’t consume enough water to effectively remove toxins from their bodies. If you don’t like water by itself, add sliced lemon, lime or cucumber to a pitcher of water and enjoy.
  6. Cleanse your body with exercise and sweat.
  7. Don’t use products that off-gas toxic chemicals in your home. Air fresheners, perfumed candles, particle board furniture, carpets, glues, etc.
  8. Get a high quality air filter to run 24/7 in your home.
  9. Circulate the air in your home with ceiling fans and by opening doors and windows frequently. When is the last time you opened your windows for a few hours?
  10. Don’t use non-stick cookware. These are the worst! Although they are very convenient to use and clean it emits toxic fumes when overheated.  Invest in quality copper-clad stainless steel pans, cast-iron or ceramic coated ones. They last a lifetime and they don’t contaminate your body with chemicals.
  11. Buy certified organic products. The USDA Organic Seal is a trusted seal that genuinely indicates organic quality (both in foods and personal care products). Don’t be fooled by brand names that use the word “organics” in their name but aren’t.
  12. Shop only the outside isles of the grocery store. This typically where the vegetables, meats, fruits and non or lowly processed foods are located.

From all of us at Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality Services in Knoxville…. We wish you good health and a great New Year.Photo of Bob Byrne wearing a full face respirator


General Manager of Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality

Never a slave to fashion regularly dons a full face respirator for safety in heavily contaminated enviorments.


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