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7 Chores To Stay Safe Indoors

Ready or not, winter is upon us. In the Knoxville and East Tennessee area that means rain, rain and more rain and dropping temperatures.Here’s 7 items for your to do list that are critically important to maintaining a safe and comfortable home.

  1. Change the smoke detector batteries. If you don’t already have smoke detectors, in all of your homes bedrooms, consider installing them now. Make sure you have a Carbon Monoxide detector on every floor of your home and in the garage. May home stores have units that do both functions.
  2. Change your furnace (air handlers) air filters. It takes just a few minutes and is relatively easy. We recommend that this be performed every two to three months at a minimum. If, you have a pet, do it monthly. Use a good quality pleated filter that will trap dust , dander and other household particulates. Save money and order these on line.
  3. Clean out your roof gutters. Chances are they are clogged with leaves aVolunteer Mold Knoxvillend debries from the falling leaves and pine needles. After removing all of the nasty stuff, flush the gutters and down spouts with water,  to insure that there are no obstructions to keep them from draining properly. If your home has large trees near it you may need to check and clean out the gutters more than once this fall / winter.
  4. Disconnect and drain garden hoses and sprayers. Use those inexpensive Styrofoam covers that clip onto the spigot valve handle to seal and prevent from freezing. If you have cut off valves, in your homes basement or foundation (an awesome idea) shut them off and drain the faucet completely.
  5. Insulate exposed water pipes and lines. Using inexpensive “split foam” insulation can save you a headache and prevent energy loss from chilly pipes.
  6. Schedule an Indoor Air Quality Inspection to determine your homes health and get a Free Winter Weatherization Inspection.
  7. Hang up the holiday decorations.

A few hours this fall can save you thousands of dollars not to mention grief and inconvenience all winter long.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas.

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