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Real Estate Inspections- Enviormental Issues- 5 Questions

Volunteer Mold KnoxvilleBuyers Beware!

Regardless of whether your buying a Home or Commercial Property you should consider an environmental assesment before you close.

Most property investments include a General Home Inspection or General Commercial Property Inspection.  You’ll insist on the inspection because you want to verify function of the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems function to insure there are no expensive issues after the closing.

Many buyers are also concerned about environmental health and the well-being of the building. Are there any mold or other environmental issues?

Ask yourself these questions in considering any property purchase:

  1. Do occupants or family members have any mold or chemical sensitivities?
  2. Are asbestos containing materials (ACM) present in the building? (Construction prior to 1985 often had ACM’s in flooring, ceiling tiles, pipe and duct wrap.)
  3. Is lead present in paints or plumbing pipes? ( Construction prior to 1975 often did contain lead based products.)
  4. Will the home or commercial building will have infants or senior citizens present? (The most vunerable among us can be severely impacted the most.)
  5. Does the property have well water? (Chemical run off from other properties can severely pollute your water.)

Volunteer Inspection Service, LLC specializes in environmental assessments that a standard building inspector in neither trained or equipped to handle.

Volunteer Inspections provides Commercial Building Inspections for both resale and pre lease in addition to annual Thermographic Scans, Consulting and Testing.

Call to discuss you project or concerns today!


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