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Inspecting Commercial Real Estate

Your work place, whether it’s an office, retail building, warehouse, industrial or healthcare setting, is a place where you and your workers spend a lot of time. Their health is a prime concern in maintaining a work environment that is productive and helps avoid absenteeism.

Mold issues are often suspected when workers complain of unusual odors, headaches or allergic type symptoms. While environmental issues can be connected to mold, other indoor air quality problems can be the root cause..

Volunteer Inspections, LLC has performed hundreds of commercial building inspections. We can determine if your workplace has mold or other indoor air quality issues impacting your environment and employees.

Inspection of wet areas, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are performed to determine contamination and proper function.

Many times the true issue with a building is different than initially suspected.

Air Sampling is performed, in conjunction with laboratory analysis, to determine air borne particulate composition.

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