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13 Sources of Indoor Air Quality Problems

Toxic Indoor Air Comes From Many Sources.

Without proper ventilation and best practices toxic air levels increase quickly.

Health risks from exposure are growing rapidly as we seal our buildings inWorried Woman with Freckles the interest of Energy Efficiency.

Major Sources of Toxic Indoor Air Pollution:

  1. Molds and Bacteria’s.
  2. VOC’s release from furnishings and building materials.
  3. Chemical Fumes from paints and solvents.
  4. Chemicals from cleaning products.
  5. Outdoor air pollutants.
  6. Cigarette and tobacco smoke.
  7. Animal hair and dander.
  8. Dust mites.
  9. Combustion gasses
  10. Carbon Monoxide
  11. Carbon Dioxide
  12. Gases, including radon.
  13. Lawn equipment stored in garages.

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