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You Dress Funny and Your Crawl Space Stinks

Volunteer Mold Knoxville graphic of the "Stack Effect".

The Stack Effect explains how air from a crawl space enters a home.

Ok, so maybe I’m the one that dresses funny, but that’s because Im in crawl spaces three or four times a week figuring out why my clients homes smell weird and their family members are sick.

Typically the crawl space beneath the home is a major contributor to bad indoor air quality.

So how does the air and moisture down below get into the home?

Think of how a chimney works. Air is drafted from the low area (Fire Box) where the fire is and the smoke is carried up and out through the top of the chimney.

Your home acts in much the same way, but in this case, the crawl space is the contributor of moisture, odors and contimainats and the interior of the home is the chimney or stack.

It’s Called the Stack Effect:

Most crawl spaces in East Tennessee have dirt floors, high humidity levels, creepy crawlers (bugs and such) and have hundreds of penatrations into the sub floor for wires, pipes, conditioned air outlets etc.

Each of these holes, or penatrations, acts as a mini chimney conducting air from the crawl space into the homes interior.   There’s that dang “stack effect” again!

All that dirty, musty air is continually drawn into your nice clean living areas and kicks of allergens galore.

If your crawl space also has a bunch of mold growths the impact on your health is multiplied exponentially.

Do You Have a Problem?   (Crawl Space that is)

Many times when I ask folks what kind of foundation they have I get a long blank stare.

I follow up with, “is your home built on a basement, Slab or Crawl Space?” Most people know if they have a basement but the Slab or Crawl Space is often a toughy.

I ask, “If you walked around your home looing down at the ground do you see little openings?” If that anwser is in affirmative it’s a safe bet their’s a crawl space under the home. Crawl spaces also have a small door or access panel to get in them.

If you have one and:

  1. You have never been in there- call me.
  2. You smell a weird musty odor frequently indoors – call me.
  3. If your family is ill on a regular basis due to mysterious circumstances – call me.

 We are experts at indoor air quality and we know crawl spaces really well. Chances are within 30 minutes of our arrival to your home and quick dive into your crawl space we can provide you with answers and solutions.

Call or Text us at 865 385-0170 or visit our web page.

Bob at Volunteer Inspections visits the mold lab and enjoys a selfie with weird piece of equipment.

Bob Byrne visits Assured Bio and gets a photo with a piece of their mold equipment.

Bob Byrne, General Manager, Volunteer Inspections LLC

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