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Call Now! 865-385-0170

When is a FREE Indoor Air Quality Inspection – NOT FREE?

How does an Indoor Air Quality Inspections Work?:

First Contact:

It starts with you reaching out. Many of our clients are pleased with how easy it is to get in contact with us. We strive to answer your call, Email or Text eighteen hours a day including weekends.

Talk to Us:

Call or Text us at 865 385-0170 or Email Bob@volunteermold.com .  Every inspection starts with your call.

We listen to your concerns, ask a few questions to clearly understand your needs and then suggest steps forward to get the answers you need.

Schedule an Appointment:

Typically we can schedule an inspection within 24 hours or less in the metropolitan Knoxville area. We will arrive on time or call you prior to our scheduled appointment if we are delayed. Courtesy and respect for your schedule is important to us. 

Privacy and Confidentiality:

We arrive in an unmarked vehicle and are sensitive to your need for privacy and confidentiality. We will not share any information with your neighbors, tenants, employees or others without your prior approval.

 Our Fee:

A specific fee or range will be quoted to you prior to scheduling the inspection. We don’t like surprise’s either!

 Our Process:

Every inspection begins with a short interview with our client to understand concerns and a tour of the building to understand the layout and areas of concern.

IMG_0393Occasionally we mayl recommend additional areas to be included in the inspection based upon our observations, experience and your best interests.

Special Tools and Technology:

We have invested more than $ 45,000 in special tools including:

  • Moisture Meters
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Fiber Optic Scopes
  • Sampling and Collection Equipment
  • Specialized Lights and Cameras

18 Years of experience and hundreds of hours of training have equipped us to provide you with the best Indoor Air Quality Inspection in East Tennessee.

Testing, Analysis and Recommendations:

Each inspection comes with lots of high value service and information. Air and surface sampling can be provided and a professional independent lab will analyze and report on the collected samples.

Our clients are provided with a digital copy of the lab report for their files.

Reports, Referrals and Prescribed Treatment:

We will are happy provide a easy to read written report of our findings, recommendations for correction and referrals to service providers to perform recommended work.

 A Note About “Free Stuff”:

Some firms offer free inspections. We think they are worth what they charge. Chances are they are only trying to sell you expensive services or products that you don’t need. Generally nothing free is good and nothing good is free.

Call us for the truth and the best information for your needs.

Bob Byrne, Chief Inspector, CHI, IAQI, IRT

865 385-0170 www.volunteermold.com

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