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Too Much Of A Good Thing…….

Too much of a good thing….. is a bad thingbandwagon

Of course water is essential to life. However, as a destructive force, water can destroy buildings.Commercial buildings like homes can suffer water dam
age that results in loss of building value, expensive repairs loss of use and a major decline in indoor air quality with sick occupants.

Simple ways to protect against loss is to insure that the building envelope (exterior walls, roof and foundation) are water resistant. Additionally ensure that plumbing and ventilation systems are working at optimal levels and well maintained.

Basic Steps-

Perform a walk around with a qualified inspector or maintenance personnel on a regular basis. We suggest twice a year.
Check windows and doors: Look for leaks around your windows and doors. Often, water stains, washed in soils, mold growths around these penetrations in the building envelope are red flags.
Examine the roof: This may require a professional due height or lack of accessibility. Leaks are common around penetrations like exhaust or plumbing systems, air conditioners and skylights. Roof issues eventually show themselves indoors on ceilings and walls.
Foundation and exterior walls: Seal cracks or holes in walls and joints of the foundation. These conditions often develop due to settlement of soils and occasionally flooding or earth movement.
Plumbing: Check for leaking connections, hoses and fixtures. Dripping connections and fixtures can read havoc on the interior of building.
Ventilation, Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Critical to health of the building and requiring professional evaluation. These systems are designed for comfort of occupants and to protect interior contents. A poorly functioning system will do neither.

Volunteer Inspections is uniquely qualified to perform all of these inspections and have the tools and knowledge that many residential and commercial property owners do not.

We have dozens of clients that use our services regularly to keep their buildings and occupants safe and avoid costly repairs.

Call us to discuss your concerns and schedule a full baseline inspection of your building.

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