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I KnowNothing About Dental Surgery


My business partner Sean and I inspected a large Dental Surgery Center in Crossville, TN for a client yesterday. We know nothing about Dental Surgery but we know a thing or two about Building Inspections.

The inspection project took our two man team 6.5 hours and was very involved.

The surgeon-partners, our clients, were considering purchasing the twenty five year old building and needed good information on its conditions. Investment costs were north of two million dollars. The group hired us based on their previous experience with our company Volunteer Inspection Services. We had inspected homes for a few of the partners in addition to consultation on other property issues.

We offered them an array of inspection products that no other inspection company can provide.
• Infrared Thermography of exterior walls EFIS Stucco Walls
• Water and Indoor Air Quality Testing (very important in a surgery center)
• Electrical Systems
• Plumbing Systems
• EDPM Flat Roof Inspection (Thermal and Visual Inspections)
• Crawl Space Inspection (4,800 sq. ft.)
• Attic Inspections
• Emergency Generator Systems Testing

We discovered and documented many areas of serious concerns that could drastically impact the “true cost” of the purchase. Repair costs, for the identified significant defects, are estimated to be in the area of $ 200,000 to $225,000. In addition to our major findings we identified a failing water heater (flooding the crawl space!), and improperly grounded x-ray equipment and outlets.

Our inspections protect our clients, build value in their business and homes, protect them from injury and help them negotiate from a strength position with sellers.

Check out our web site for more information: www.volunteerinspectionllc.com

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