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Water Leaks Can Destroy Commercial Buildings

Water destroys buildings.  Often water leaks and moisture penetrations go unnoticed for years.

We are experts in Commercial Building Inspections.  Having tackled Shopping Centers, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Schools, Malls, Residential Dormitories, Surgical Centers and a multitude of other projects we understand our clients needs for fast service with quality reporting.

Thermal Imaging image of water standing under a rubber membrane roofing material.

Thermal Imaging image of water standing under a rubber membrane roofing material. Volunteer inspections can quickly diagnose hidden roof leaks and save buildings.

We recently completed a four story 40,000 square foot commercial housing project that was riddled with significant water leaks and mold growth.  Commonly, water entry points are primarily centered around penetrations such as roof valleys, window flashing and masonry contact connections.

In this case the contractor was faced with the dilemma of needing immediate information to clarify every leak area and pin point the point of entry without unnecessarily removing interior and exterior finishes.

Using our proven methodology we were able to provide a total accessment of the project with a detailed inventory of issues and areas to be addressed their subcontractors. Our reports provide infrared thermal images, photos, detailed summary by room and area of defect.

Very few issues are as complex as water leaks in building structures.  Detection of hidden moisture and isolation of causation is our speciality.

Volunteer Inspections, LLC provide state of the art Infrared Thermal Imaging services for many investors and commercial builders in East Tennessee.

When time is money and your project has got to be right………… Contact Us!

Working on notations of building water leaks using infrared thermal camera.

Your Commercial Building Project demands the best tools in the inspection business. Infrared Thermal Imaging solves invisible puzzles quickly.

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