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Is Mold Growth or Damage Covered by Insurance?

Is mold covered by my Homeowners (HO) or Business Owners (BO) Insurance?

If you have discovered mold growths in your home you might ask the above question. Some of my clients assume that the insurance policy they have been paying for years will have their back. However, the truth, can be a disappointment for many. Your coverage for mold damage and removal in most cases will not be covered.  There are some exceptions that depend on the exact language in your insurance policy and the speed of your claim reporting. We always suggest that our clients check with their insurers, and read that long policy document first, to see if they have any coverages.

Volunteer Mold Knoxville Flooding if a house with furniture floating

Sometimes water can a be a BIG Issue in your home.

Mold Follows Moisture:

Mold growth always follows moisture. Almost all mold growth is due to high humidity, water leaks, stagnant air or a combination of all. In most cases, your insurance policy, will cover damage from a “sudden water leak or interior flooding”. Many external water flooding events are not covered unless you have flood insurance added to your policy. You must act quickly to stop mold growth, so at the first sign of a leak, call your agent to report the event. (Items typically covered under your policy will be things such as broken pipes and internal flooding by a sudden accident. The key terminology here is a sudden internal water event. In the United States most insurance companies exclude coverage from exterior flood coverage or non reported interior water flooding.

It is imperative that the water event be stopped and a dryout of all affected materials happen within hours of discovery. Failure to take immediate action will likely result in mold growths within you property.

If the Leak Is Covered- What about the Mold?

While, most insurance policies will cover the water damage, they will often specifically exclude mold growth and mold damages. Mold damage will not be covered if your insurance company deems the growth as due to your inaction to correct water damage quickly or failure to report quickly. Most insurers will tell the customer “you should have told us about the water damage sooner and we could have prevented the mold growth.” Sometimes there may be exceptions made if you reported the issue immediately upon discovery and mold grows began shortly after the emergency dryout is accomplished.

It is in everyones best interests to discover, report and begin the dry out and remediation as soon as possible.

What to do if you have a toxic mold problem now?

If your looking for a professional inspection and analysis of conditions in your home or business after a flood event give us a call at Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality. We are prepared to review the quality of the emergency tryout services provided by your insurance company and determine is mold or additional moisture damage is present. Time is critical. Act quickly and allow us to provide you all of the information you need to take on the insurance company and keep your home mold free.

Bob at Volunteer Inspections visits the mold lab and enjoys a selfie with weird piece of equipment.

Bob Byrne has inspected thousands of homes and loves helping his clients keep their homes and businesses healthy. Call him today.


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