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Asbestos the silent killer – Inspections

Most people we know have heard of Asbestos.  Som know that it is a naturally forming mineral that has amazing heat resistance capabilities and has been used for decades.  Still others know that Asbestos is now understood as a cancer causing agent that attacks the lengs of those exposed to its fibers.

You have seent the TV commercials produced by the lawyers trying to find those unfortunate souls whos lives this mineral has taken.  An ad we recently saw said “This substance (Asbestos) has been banned by the EPA since 1988”.

Not True.

In fact Asbestos is still used in many products.  Much of the worlds production is shipped to third world countries wo put it in products that are then shipped to us in the United States.  Perhaps just as importantly many of our homes and businesses including schools have large quantities of Asbestos products in them.  Typically found in insulation on Heating systems, boilers, ceiling texture and wall panels it still is present in our enviorment every day.

Sean and Bob Byrne recently completed thier studies with Resolution Incorporated, a Tennessee State approved training provider in inspection of toxic substances, in Asbestos Inspections.  They are now both Asbestos Inspectors Certified in the State of Tennessee. 

Sean is a certified Home inspector and a Mold and Indoor Air Quality Specialist.  Sean is the Chief Inspector for Volunteer Home Inspections a division of Volunteer Inspections, LLC based in Knoxville, TN.

Bob Byrne, General Manager of Volunteer Inspections, LLC, is a certified Home Inspector with advanced certifications in Mold, Indoor Air Quality, Infrared Thermography and is now a Certified Asbestos Inspector and an Asbestos Management Planner.  As a Asbestos Management Planner he is qualified to provide analysis of inspection and lab results and to offer solutions for clients residential and commercial.

Additionally Sean and Bob are Certified and in compliance with the EPA, AHERA and ASHARA requirements for public and private schools nationwide. 

Striving to provide a complete service to our clients compels us to keep thier training current and invest in top of the line equiptment and education.  Have a question about Asbestos?  Need an Inspection of your home, business or childrens school?

Call us at 865 385-0170 and let us know how we can help you.

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