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Air Quality On The Road

Indoor Air Quality On The Road

Most of us spend a huge amount of time on the road commuting to work and traveling all over our great country. So what about the air in your car, truck or RV?

Cabin Air Filters:

Cabin air filters function much like the air filters in your home. Designed to screen out large to mid-size particulates they also accumulate this material and moisture as they do their work. As the load with debris they become less effective, clog or restrict air flow and become biological breeding grounds for a host of harmful contaminants.

Have you EVER changed your vehicles cabin air filter?

Most folks will answer no. Many don’t even know they exist but they do. Check your owners manual.

Heres How It Works:

The air that comes into the inside of your vehicle begins outside and is drawl thru the filter and then conditioned by your heater or air conditioner to keep you comfy.

These filters are designed to keep out screen out pollen, smoke, dander and dust from outside. It’s a dirty world out there.

Air Quality problems in your car

How your vehicle interior air filter works.

Different conditions outdoors than indoors:

Consider how different conditions are in your home from that of your vehicle. Indoors conditions of temperature, moisture and contaminates are generally consistent.

Your vehicle however is subjected to large swings in moisture and temperature on a daily and seasonal basis. Top that with a rarely changed, unknown, contaminated air filter can spell an ecological disaster within the vehicle. Dirty air filters can foster the growth of toxic black mold in higher concentrations than in a building.

What Can A Dirty Air Filter Do To You and Your Ride?

  • Reduced air flow thru vents. A common cause of poor interior air flow is a clogged filter. Hows your flow?
  • Breathing problems. If you experience sneezing, coughing or discomfort while driving you may have a clogged air filter. Clogged filters mixed with moist outdoor air can be biological breeders. No one wants that!
  • Window fogging. As cool weather arrives you may find your windows fogging more easily. This is a good indicator of a potentially clogged cabin air filter.
  • Odd odor. Whats that smell? A musty odor is an indicator of water and mold growth. Odors are warning signs and can trigger a host of reactions in a vehicle.

Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality is often called upon to test air and physically inspect vehicles of all types for bad indoor air quality. We always love to talk to our clients but before you call check that filter.

Call us at 865 385-0170 or visit our web site for lots of great information and find out more about the air you breathe.


Photo of Building Science Expert, Bob Byrne from Knoxville TN

Bob Byrne specializes in Indoor Air Quality and Mold inspections in the Knoxville area.


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