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The Dope Home Nightmare

The “Dope Home” Nightmare

A “meth home” is commonly thought to be a building were meth has been manufactured. However, it can be defined more liberally as, a place where meth has been used or where chemicals and wastes have been discarded or stored. All such activity contaminates the buildings and will likely impact the health of the owner and their tenants.

The dangers of home and commercial property illegal drug labs are often not limited to the building. thier risks extends well into the community and homes surrounding them.

Fires and explosions can occur due the flammable mixture of chemicals used in production. These buildings ae often environmental nightmares and impact an unsuspecting and innocents in the community.

Homes, business and vehicles where drugs are consumed are toxic and dangerous to the unsuspecting public. Labs are found in neighborhoods from affluent to poor.

The Meth or Narcotic Addict are dangers to themselves and others. They live compulsive lives that revolve around getting the drugs they crave and avoiding the discomfort of being without. Most of us are aware that the addict will lie steal and cheat any and everyone to get money for drugs. 

Drug addicts and manufactures come from every walk of life. Doctors, Lawyers and dentists are no more immune to addiction than factory workers or roofers. 

At Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality we provide screening and visual inspections for building owners of all types.

Here are some typical conditions we look for:

  • Yellow discoloration on walls, drains, sinks and showers.
  • Blue discoloration on valves of propane tanks and fire extinguishers.
  • Smoke detectors that are removed or taped off.
  • Experiencing physical symptoms while inside the building such as burning in your eyes or throat, itching, a metallic taste in your mouth or breathing problems.
  • Unusual strong odors that smell like chemicals such as solvents, paint thinner, ammonia or cat urine.
  • Use of security or surveillance equipment.
  • Tenants who are oddly behaved, extremely thin, have open sores, bad teeth or dilated pupils.
  • Large amounts of trash with items such as lithium batteries, packaging, torn up match books, water bottles, cold medicine packs and antifreeze containers.
  • Discolored coffee filters that are not brown.

Remember that homes and property including Recreational Vehicles, Automobiles, motel rooms can be permanently contaminated by the occupants smoking narcotics in a building.

If you are a property owner or considering buying a home, RV, Vehicle or Commercial building part of your inspection and due diligence should include a Dope Screening.

For more information on your property, inspections and testing give Volunteer Mold and Indoor air Quality a call for a confidential assessment.

This image shows an Industrial Hygienist performing a Meth lab inspection.

When things have “Broken Bad” due to tenants use of illegal drugs. Life and property are destroyed. Never buy a building without a dope test first.

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