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COVID 19 Environmental Air and Surface Testing @ Home and Work

COVID – 19 Testing

As an essential service, Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality,is responding to a surge of requests from Home and Building Owners for surface and air testing before and after professional cleaning has been conducted.

Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality Services can safely perform testing for Residential and Commercial Clients in Schools, Day Care Facilities, Assisted Living, Doctors Offices and many other facilities. COVID 19 Surface and Air Testing fits with our passion to promote healthy living in indoor spaces.

Post Sanitization and Cleaning

Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality avoids conflicts of interest by not providing cleaning and sanitization services. Our clients often spend a lot of money to services that sanitize their buildings. Foregoing testing is dangerous as there is a lack of demonstrated proof that the job was complete and adequate.

Where COVID 19 Lives

COVID Information is rapidly changing as more is learned about the virus. Beyond being highly contagious we are told that the COVID virus can live airborne for up to 30 minutes and live on hard surfaces as long as 72 hours or more. It is believed and reported that the COVID Virus may live longer on certain fabrics and items with higher moisture contents.

Sample Collecting – Why Air and Surface?

We collect samples from “high touch” surfaces like counters, flooring, tables, door knobs, appliances and computers. By paying close attention to heavy-use areas we get a good overall perspective on potentially contaminated areas.

Sampling can take just a few few minutes to less than an hour in most situations depending on the clients square footage and areas of concern.

Costs and Processing Fees

Our pricing is reasonable to assure that all property owners can afford to get the testing they need and provide assurance for those living and working indoors throughout East Tennessee and Knoxville areas.

A typical residential sampling and laboratory analysis starts at less than $500. Larger projects are priced on a project and frequency basis and are budget friendly.

Labratory and Turn Around Times are Fast!

All sampling devices are promptly transferred to a specialized professional lab locally on ice for analysis. Typical turn around times from process to reporting is less than a few days.

Knowing Starts With a Single Call

Contact us to discuss your concerns a project particulars now for more information.

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