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All Black Mold Is Toxic… True or False?

Is all Black Mold Toxic?

 All black molds are not toxic and neither are all toxic molds black.

 Most people hear the words “Black Mold” and assume that it’s a toxic disease-causing killer.

Toxic Mold:

The words toxic black mold when used in the media is typically referring to a strain of mold called Stachybotryus.

Stachybotrys is highly toxic and creates gas and spores that can cause of host of serious illnesses and disease in humans and animals.

 Mold Color:

However, mold color is a function of its pigmitation, food source and its genetics. We occasionally find black molds, in our inspection practice, that are not Stachybotrys. Recently we spotted a “black mold” growing on a clients water damaged basement wall during an Indoor Air Quality Inspection in Farragut, TN. The client had discovered wet carpets and walls while moving come storage boxes.

The client was panicked because it was black.

I explained, that the only way, to positively identify a mold as toxic or not , was to collect a sample and have our lab process and identify the mold type.

The lab reported that the mold was in fact Nigrospora. Nigrospora is a black mold similar in texture and color to Stachybotrys but is non-toxic.

 Other molds may be black too:

Other types of high allergen molds such as Aspergillus can also appear black in its Niger species. Additonally many other non-black molds such as Asperguillius and Penicillium can be toxic and produce serious health problems for people and animals.

 Misinformation on toxic mold is rampant. The media feeds the hysteria and many people will assume the worst.

There is no substitution for a professional inspection of any mold or indoor air quality issues backed by a professional lab to provide our customers with good information and a solution to correct conditions in their buildings and protect the health of their employees and family member’s.

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