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9 Symptoms of Mold Associated Illness

Mother holding her young daughter who is ill from toxic mold in their home.

Children are among the most vulnerable to mold and indoor air quality contamination.

My clients often ask about mold exposure and mold illness. I typically meet them after they have been suffering from exposure to Indoor Air Quality Toxins for months or years.

Heres a list of the top symptoms they report when we are inspecting their home and offices for sick building syndrome. A sick building needs a professional inspection to determine it needs mold removal first.

  1. Fatigue, weakness or FLU like symptoms
  2. Headache and or Light Sensitivity
  3. Poor Memory, difficulty in finding the “right words”
  4. Concentration difficulty
  5. Morning stiffness, joint pain
  6. Shortness of breath, sinus congestion and or chronic cough
  7. Red eyes, blurred vision, tearing up
  8. Sweats, mood swings, sharp pains
  9. Vertigo, feeling light headed

The above relate only to environmental exposure to toxins. When, our clients report that when they remove themselves from the environment like, home or work the symptoms often disappear quite quickly.

We typically find that people over 60 or those with compromised immune systems and children suffer the most from exposure.

Suffering is unnecessary. If you have a question about indoor air quality illness please call me to discuss your concerns.

We have helped many hundreds of our clients reclaim their healthy homes and business environments for over 15 years.

Perhaps theres a solution for you.


Photo of Building Science Expert, Bob Byrne from Knoxville TN

Bob Byrne specializes in Indoor Air Quality and Mold inspections in the Knoxville, TN.

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