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COVID – 19 Latest Research is Suprising.

If you’re like me, the volume of information on COVID 19, hyped by media has been overwhelming. Sadly, much of what was propertied as factual a few weeks ago, has been inaccurate and only served to confuse a frighten us as consumers, business and home owners.

How to sort thru what is factual and relevant information is a challange.

At this writing we are benefiting from research that may guide us to better testing, treatment and clarity on how to resume some level of normalcy in our lives.

Whatever the truth to the COVID 19 vireos is, how it transmitted and why it impacts some members of our community and not others will become clear with the passing of time.

Testing has begun in Tennessee and results will provide most of us with clarity on wether we have al ready had it and been a symptomatic or not may hasten our return to or jobs and lives in the next few weeks.

Heres hoping.

Until then here is some very interesting information on current research by Dr. Jill Carnahan, a functional medicine doctor, that may give us hope and clarity.

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