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What Your Mother Never Told You…..

Your mother probably told you that nothing in life is free.

But, she probably didn’t tell you that, crawl space inspections aren’t free either.

Photo ofCrawl Space with missing vapor barrier on dirt floor and mold growth on joists and sub flooring.

Crawl Space with missing vapor barrier on dirt floor and mold growth on joists and sub flooring.

In East Tennessee the vast majority of homes have crawl space foundations. Chances are, if you have a home with a crawl space, you have never been inside of it more than a few feet. Who could blame you? Crawl spaces are tight, dark, damp, buggy and often have dirt or gravel floors. And those are the good ones. In a word, crawl spaces are, nasty.

What’s A Crawl Space?

I explain to my Knoxville clients that a crawl space is essentially a hole in the ground that a house is built on. At first blush it doesn’t make a lot of sense. However for the last 100 plus years its been done that way in the south.

Economy is the reason. Its just a cheaper way to build a home.

Crawl spaces are economical. Less expensive than a concrete slab, a fraction of the cost of a basement and a cheap option on lots that are rocky or on challenging geography like slopes and wet areas.

Good for Hiding Stuff.

Crawl spaces are frequently used to hide mechanicals in homes like water lines, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Often air handler’s water heaters and other mechanicals are placed in these areas to avoid using valuable and limited interior spaces.

Photo of a rotten girder failure with fungus growth.

Crawl Space Fungus “Eats” the fibers of the wood joists and girders. This homes floors were collapsing.

Problems, Problems, Problems.

Because of the logistics, most homeowners don’t know how bad things are, down below until conditions are really bad and a health risk.

It’s estimated that 25 to 35% of the air in your home came from your crawl space. Your mechanical system acts like a vacuum drawing air from the crawl space into your living space.

Molds and many other health and safety risks thrive in the conditions your crawl space creates. Unfortunately, much of what’s growing and going on down there, ends up in your house, on your stuff and in your lungs.

What To Do?

Many people in Knox, Anderson and Louden County, will only discover that something is wrong due to an odor, high levels of dust or family illness.

Many local businesses offer FREE CRAWL SPACE INSPECTIONS. Its a marketing ploy. Its effective and many will spend thousands on fixes and products for a problem that they don not have. Ahh, the “free inspection”.

We hear it from our clients frequently. We had a client in Farragut, TN call me a few days ago to report, “We called for a free inspection from an ad in our newspaper. What we got was a high pressure sales job for filters and quote for very expensive crawl space work”.

After the salesman left, they called us, for the truth. The client asked us “was all this really necessary?” Turns out that what their home needed was a exterior drainage repair. We saved them nearly $14,000 on a “solution” from the “FREE Inspection” that would not have resolved thir problem.

Remember Momma?

Nothing is free. We would add that nothing free is good and nothing good is free.

Our clients pay us to professionally inspect their homes and crawl spaces, provide accurate testing and assessments of conditions and recommend solutions that work. We don’t do free inspections.

Volunteer Inspections provides professional business and residential crawl space inspection services at a reasonable fee (typically less than $200) to help home and business owners avoid the sales trap and find the best solution with no pressure.

If someone offers you’re a “free inspection” assume that they know what their service is worth..

Call Volunteer Inspections at 865 385-0170 for a crawl space inspection and the truth to protect your home, your health and your investment.

Photo of damaged HVAC ducts and wet dirt in crawl space.

Heating and Air Ducts with damaged insulation and open seams draw air into your home for you to breathe. Note uncovered dirt floor and large moisture puddles.

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