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DIY Mold Removal- Hurts more than it helps!

I’m a hands on Do It Yourself (DIY) kinda guy so I get it.

Volunteer Mold Inspector Bob poses in a laundry room in front of Chlorine Bleach container.

Chlorine Bleach is an ineffective and dangerous mold treatment.

The truth is you might love a good DIY project yourself – ┬ábut not all DIY Projects will love you back.

As my wife often tells me…. some jobs need to be left to the professionals. Good advice.

When it comes to mold remediation, or mold clean up, do it yourself is a really bad idea. Toxic mold removal can affect your health, and if you don’t remove it properly, could create an even larger health concern. Specialized training, equipment and supplies are needed to to safely and properly remove mold and correct the source of its cause.

Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality uses area containment and high volume HEPA air scrubbers devices strategically place in the work area to create a “Negative” pressure enviorment. These measures insure that no toxic mold contaminants enter other areas of the home during the period of mold removal and remediation.

Its also critically important to protect yourself and others from getting sick and causing cross contamination when removing mold. Most homeowners will not take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. Volunteer Mold technicians are trained to handle Toxic Mold and contaminants and have the right type of protective covers and respirators to protect themselves.

Proper training is imperative to remove mold properly. Mold when cleaned improperly or incompletely is a waste of time and money and places everyone at far greater risk. There are often times toxic mold spores that can be released in the removal and cleaning process that can be extremely dangerous.

Every home and situation is unique and requires proper planning and a written plan by a Certified Mold Professional like the folks at Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality.

Contact us to discuss your project and indoor air quality concerns.

Photo of a family (Husband, Wife, young boy and girl) sitting at the dinner table wearing gas masks.

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