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What is the Value of a Free Mold Inspection?

Today I want to ask an honest question: “What is the value of a free mold inspection?”

The truth is quality professional mold inspections are not free. The purveyors of this marketing scam in in East Tennessee and all over the country are essentially offering you something for nothing for the opportunity to come into your house and give you a sales pitch.

Grandpa always told me that, “If the only tool you own is a hammer….. Everything looks like a nail.”

The issue to this is that if you only sell, crawl space encapsulations, air purifiers, foundation systems, fans, dehumidifiers or furnace filters, that “free mold inspection”, is a disguise to sell you whatever services that provider offers. More often than not the the scope and quality of the inspection will fall well short of a professional inspection that will provide you good value or honest information. Worst of all you are likely to pay a lot of money for a solution that does not correct the health risk in your building.

We don’t do that at Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality. In fact, our customers pay us for a professional inspection of the entire building, in addition to professional testing, sampling, consultation and lab analysis of collected samples.
Folks, there is no free lunch. And there are no free mold inspections. If you expect, a professional unbiased inspection, Contact Us a call at 865-385-0170 today.

Thanks so much and have a great day.

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