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Asbestos Inspections – What You Need to Know

Today, we have done a couple of asbestos inspections in both residential properties and two commercial properties. A lot of folks don’t know that asbestos is still present in many homes, especially homes that were built prior to 1975.
The materials that asbestos is present in is typically floor tiles, some ceiling tiles that are glued and adhered onto a ceiling substrate and ceiling texture most commonly. And in homes that are older than 1960, we find asbestos plank wrap, boilers, water lines and those types of surfaces.

It’s never safe to assume that a home doesn’t have asbestos if you haven’t had a professional inspection done. When we go into a house and look at it for asbestos-containing materials, although we may have been called on just evaluating a ceiling texture, we look at everything from the bottom up including the heating and air systems, duct supplies, pipes, ceiling tiles and floor tiles to give the customer a good idea if there are any types of issues in their home.

We also offer sampling services where we take surface or air samples from suspect materials and send them a labratory for processing and reporting. They can identify through microscopy process called PLM if there are any asbestos fibers in those materials.

This is critical information to have if you’re considering a remodel or removal of walls, ceilings or floors prior to doing the work. Inspect and test BEFORE begin the work to avoid creating an additional health hazard in the house.

At Volunteer Mold and Indoor Air Quality Services we perform many kinds of building environmental consultations; asbestos is one of them.

We would like to help you. Give us a call at 865-385-0170 and we’ll schedule a time to do a consult.

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