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4 Home Remedies for Bad Indoor Air Quality

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Odors in homes and at work are Not Normal.

What’s Your IAQ?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the environmental characteristics inside your home/office that can affect your comfort and health.

Many things can impact IAQ, such as temperature, humidity and indoor air pollutants.

Wintertime is a great time to think about your Indoor Air Quality at work and home.

Consider the Battery:

I often explain to my clients that you can compare the Indoor Air to a Battery. The building and the battery are closed systems. As you charge, a battery, the contents build up over time. Your home is also a storage system.

Closed Door Policy:

Our doors and windows are pretty much always closed. Most Americans enter and exit their homes through the garage. Isn’t that where we store the mowers, fuels cleaners and paints?

We constantly introduce chemicals, skin cells, dirt and gases like CO2 from our cooking, living and normal household activities. A closed up home can be a problem and lead to illness.

Charge It!

The home/office continues to “Charge” with all bacteria’s and microbial’s that has a negative impact on our indoor environment

A healthy home is ventilated, has fresh air introduced and conditioned on a regular basis.

Keep It Fresh:

The saying “ I need some fresh air” is a simple truth. We all need some FRESH AIR. Our bodies know this on a very primal level.

Home Remedies:

  1. Keep your temperature consistent and control humidity levels. Humidity has a great impact on the temperature and Comfort in doors. Keep the humidity level is between 40 percent and 50 percent.
  2. Make sure the air that circulates in your conditioned home air is filtered properly.
  3. Have your Air Ducts cleaned every few years. Folks with animals and lots of people indoor should consider higher frequency.
  4. Introduce “Fresh Air” into your Home/Office on a daily basis. Weather its hot or cold outside you need fresh air to flush and dilute levels of pollutants including CO2 every day. If you keep your home /office closed up everyday you should consider having a fresh air exchange system installed to regularly introduce fresh air into the environment.

By follow these tips and you can make huge improvements in your Indoor Air Quality, comfort level, and avoid respiratory health issues.

Contact Bob Byrne at Volunteer Inspections, LLC for a free phone consultation and schedule an inspection today. You’ll feel better.


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