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Your Cell Phone Is Contaminated!

Hi, everybody. It’s Bob of Volunteer Mold & Indoor Air Quality here talking about something that’s pretty darn disgusting—your cell phone.

A recent survey done on cellphone users—their hands and their devices themselves. They found that more than 80% of the devices that are owned by men and 60% of the cellphones held by women have fecal material on them.

That’s right. 

Now, when you think about it, if you use a restroom, do you use your phone too while you’re in there? Chances are, you’re infecting that phone. And even after you’ve finished your phone call, you go wash your hands, and you re-touch your phone, you’re re-infecting your hands.

And when you touch your eyes, your nose, your mouth or whatever, you’re spreading that material.

It’s potentially disease-causing and it causes a lot of illnesses. This makes sense when you start talking to kids about their cellphone habits (they’re constantly in their hand). And even worse, they’re sharing their cellphones with other people.

That’s something to think about. We recommend not only thorough hand-washing, but also disinfecting your cellphone on a regular basis with disinfectant wipes to keep it bacteria free. Encourage your family, friends and children not to share their cellphones with other people because, they’re just exchanging bacteria and potentially opening yourself up to serious infections. That’s something to think about. Give us a call at 865-385-0170 for any of your health concerns from bacteriological to microbial and contamination within your homes and businesses. We’re here to help. 

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