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Call Now! 865-385-0170

Expect What Your Are Willing to Inspect

Just a quick note today to remind you that you can only expect what you’re willing to inspect. When you’re shopping for or receiving services relative to heat and air, cooling or things that could impact the indoor air quality of your home, you’ve got to have it independently inspected.

At Volunteer Mold & Indoor Air Quality, we provide professional inspections that help our clients get the most with their dollar with their contractor.

We just inspected a building that had their complete heating and air system replaced, including the trunks and the supply work. We found numerous deficiencies that we’ve wasted thousands of dollars of the client’s money both in terms of energy loss and in  value not received.  When you spend hard earned money you have a right to expect a quality product.

You can expect quality only when you insist on it and are willing and capable of inspiring the contractors work.

If you have a question about a service that you received, call or text us at 865-385- 0170. Let us inspect what you’re expecting.

Expect Value.





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