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One of The Biggest Mistakes You Could Make

WATCH THE VIDEO: I did an inspection yesterday for a young family that was trying to vet a house they were looking at purchasing. They went through the typical steps of having a home inspector come out and do a general home inspection for things like windows and doors and function of appliances and many other things checking safety and functionality. The home inspector also took an air sample indoors as the buyers (wife) is highly allergic to mold.

When they got the air sample report from the inspector they were told that the home had high mold spore counts. The buyer called me as she was uncertain what the report meant and the home inspector could not tell her what course of action to take. Upon questioning her during our interview we learned that the home inspector does not follow any trained protocol’s and didn’t do a control sample in addition to their indoor air sample. We were asked d by the buyers to come out and inspect the home for indoor air quality concerns. After our inspection yesterday, we determined that there was huge microbial (mold) issue both in the crawl space and within the heating ventilation and air-conditioning ducts and units as well as on many surfaces within the house.

This discovery was critically important as the wife is highly sensitive to molds and could not even remain in the home during our inspection. The client almost made a $500,000 mistake in buying a house that she would have difficulty living in.

Don’t skip the environmental inspection when you’re looking at purchasing either a house or a commercial property especially when you know that you’re predisposed to having sensitivities to either chemicals or microbial growths.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is not scheduling a professional inspection with Volunteer Inspections before you lease or purchase a home. Call us today at 865-385-0170.

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