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Do You Have an Indoor Air Quality Problem?

How do you know?

Folks frequently ask me how could they know if they have an indoor air quality issue at home or work that may be affecting their health. And the simple answer is this – listen to your body.

If you smell something that that’s either chemically or is a musty odor, you probably have an indoor air quality problem. If you’re experiencing fatigue (unusual fatigue mid-day) or have any kind of eye, ear or respiratory infections or issues that come back repeatedly for long periods of time (greater than a couple of weeks at a time), you probably have an indoor air quality or biological contamination issue inside your building.

What they’re finding now in current research is that mold and chemical sensitivities are being created early in the life period of a human being. In other words, when adults who are now sick and are frequently affected in very negative ways by volatile organic compounds, odors and perfumes, fragrances and that type of thing, they had heavy exposures to either mold or chemicals in their youth and it stayed with them for a lifetime.

And in fact, it’s triggering their immune systems. It’s not just a respiratory response; it’s an immune system response that impacts many, many organs of their bodies and, of course, their health in a very negative way.

If you’re in doubt or have suspicion, give us a call at Volunteer Mold – 865-385-0170. We’ll make an appointment and do a consultation to find out what’s bugging you.

Thank you. Have a great day!

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