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Effects of a Leaking Wastewater Line


WATCH THE VIDEO: I want to share an experience I had recently. It’s all too common occurrence that a client has a slow minor leak that may remain undiscovered for months or years. We get several of these calls every year.  A great customer contacted me and related that her home had a leaking, waste water line, in her basement for about a year and a half.

When you think about waste water coming from showers, toilets and sink drains it’s kind of gross. The truth is, in addition to it being gross, it also sets up a host of biological hazards for the folks that live in the house.

When you think about a basement or crawl space having leaking sewage pipes, also consider that’s generally where the heating and air unit is, and that they’re drawing some air from that area into the rest of the house.

The clients physician recommended that the get a home inspection to determine if their was contamination issues in the home. Both occupants of the house, the husband and the wife, had a tremendous amount of infection issues. Although the doctor was making an effort to treat those conditions, after each treatment ended, the symptoms kept coming back continuously after prescriptions and medications and treatment for the infections, the doctor suspected there was an issue within the house. And quite frankly, he was right.

We went out to the house and performed what’s called an Andersen Sampling Method which is where we draw air from the home into a solution that our lab will culture and incubate for a period of days to identify what biological contaminants are present.         The lab found that there was everything from staph to fecal bacteria present. Now many questions were anwserd as to the cause of the infections.

The long and short of it was we asked the client to get the leak fixed. They had a plumber come out. We went out and did a decontamination, professional cleaning of the ducts. We decontaminated the basement area, the units, including the supplies and trunks and re-tested after the mitigation was complete. The home soon became healthy and so did the client(s).

In a followup call today. The customer is reporting that they’re in marvelous health, they’re exercising again, losing weight, doing good things in their lives, not having to worry about medical bills, trips to the doctors and being ill so much of the time.

The moral of the story is contact us at Volunteer Mold & Indoor Air Quality for an inspection and test before you experience the rigors of poor health long-term. We can shorten the cycle and make sure that your house becomes the healthiest house on the block and you can avoid the expense of all those additional medical issues.

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